Bianca Marina Stampfl

Austrian Driver Bianca participated in over 40 races, driving most of the time for the Austrian State Championship. She told us why racing is the perfect counterpart to her office day and what it takes to be a codriver!

Wheel Sisters: Good morning and thank you taking time for our questions, may you introduce yourself?

Bianca: I live in Austria, exactly in the southeast of Styria. Actually, I’m co-driver of Gernot Zeiringer in an Skoda Fabia S2000. We are participants of the Austrian State Championship although we also participate in some selected events in Slovenia.

Bianca Stampfl is a rally co-driver from Austria.

Pic: private

Wheel Sisters: How did you get introduced to motorsport? And when?

Bianca: That was 2011. I started a slalom race for fun. I was driving a historic car of the brand Opel. At the same time, my husband built a historic rally car. Also an Opel. When the car was finished, we wanted to test it once in real operation. I like to remember back to that cause we actually finished. :-)

Wheel Sisters: What are your first memories of it?

Bianca: The worst was our first technical acceptance. It was not clear if we were allowed to start. After some discussions with the technicians we got the ok. The most beautiful was the finish ramp. Definitely!

„… make the right decisions at the right time”

Wheel Sisters: What do you feel most proud of achieving on the track?

Bianca: The interaction between driver and co-driver. To know what the other one thinks. And make the right decisions at the right time. 

Wheel Sisters: What does motorsport give you personally? How does it make you feel? What aspects of it do you love the most?

Bianca: For me it is the ideal balance to a stressful office day. Rallying reflects my person. I am a very organized person. I am resilient and stay calm in stressful situations. And I love cars.

Bianca and the rally driver Gernot Zeiringer are participating very successful in the Austrian Rally Championship with a Skoda Fabia S2000.

Pic: Martin Butschell

Wheel Sisters: Motorsport is your hobby, what’s your day job? Does your job influence your work as a co-driver?

Bianca: I work for an international group in IT. My work requires speed and accuracy so yYes, I think it affects something.

Wheel Sisters: Who’s your motorsports hero or role model?

Bianca: There are many. For me, those are all heroes who do the rallying. Why? Try it.

Wheel Sisters: You are mother, employee, self-employed and rally-co-driver: How do you handle all these different aspects in your life?

Bianca: Well, participation in events is manageable and therefore I can divide that up well. Apart from that I get a lot of support from my family. Without this support, it would definitely be more difficult.

“Accuracy, reliability, motivation”

Wheel Sisters: Racing is dangerous. How difficult is it to be on race track, thinking of your little boy at home?

Bianca: I basically do not think about that. Such thoughts are bad companions. However, I am aware of the risk and always go with the necessary respect in the car.

Bianca started her racing career by racing some slalom events with her Opel Kadett C.

Pic: Rene Rossmann

Wheel Sisters: Have you experienced any sexism when racing, if so, how do you deal with it? Does it bother you?

Bianca: No, personally, I have never experienced anything like this. On the contrary. In rallying women are very popular as co-drivers and well booked.

Wheel Sisters: What is important for anybody who wants to become a co-driver? What tips do you have for beginners?

Bianca: Accuracy, reliability, motivation

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