Celine Wolf

This former moto trial rider has now set her sights on enduro and motocross. Not one to avoid a challenge, Celine Wolf is also studying for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Read on to discover her motorsport heroes and her ultimate enduro goal.

WHEEL SISTERS: Please introduce yourself (lives in [town XY]; Bike Rider (disciplines); participates in national, international, European etc. races, is part of the XY associations etc.)

Celine: My name is Céline Wolf, I live in Bensheim in Germany and I’m a former moto trial rider. Now I ride enduro and motocross. When I rode trial, I participated in many local races and moto trial shows.

WHEEL SISTERS: You are a very successful trial rider in Germany and have won many titles. Can you tell us a little bit about your way to the top? (When were you introduced to trail riding? Why did you choose trial as your discipline?)

Celine: There is a trial track in my hometown. My sister rode trial and when she quitted, my dad didn’t sell her bike because he thought I might try it. And he was right. I was 18 when I began with the motorsport, so I was not the typical motorsport rider who grew up with it. I trained very hard and was disciplined and I became better. I started participating in races immediately, because races are an important part of motorsport for me. My results became better, and soon I was one of the top riders in my class. It’s not that easy because there is no extra class for girls and the level at the races is really high. As an example: if you set one foot on the ground (which is a mistake in a trial competition), you have already lost the podium places. But if you train hard, you can learn to ride properly and succeed at tasks like these.

This picture shows Celine the day she rode a motorcycle for the first time.

Picture: private

WHEEL SISTERS: A few weeks ago you revealed that you will be riding enduro in the future. Now you are training hard to learn how to handle your bike. Why did you decide to get involved in this new discipline? How different are the two disciplines and how hard is the training? Will you take part in motocross races too?

Celine: The enduro and motocross disciplines have always both been a big dream of mine. I saw some races and the power of the start and the race itself is just fascinating. In trial, I eventually missed the speed and it was not challenging anymore. These disciplines both require total control over your bike and riding techniques. These are skills I can definitely profit from when learning a new discipline. Speed is definitely something new for me to focus on. In German I would say “das Gas stehenlassen”. The training is really hard, I’m not the biggest person and I have to learn how to handle my bike which is much bigger and heavier now! And, as I said earlier, races are an important part of motorsports for me. I always love to challenge myself and reach goals, so I will definitely take part in races again! And I will try both, enduro and motocross races. Let’s see where this will take me!

WHEEL SISTERS: Why did you choose this bike for your enduro adventures?

Celine: It’s a 250ccm 4 stroke engine, which is a perfect bike for beginners like me. It’s easy to handle and doesn’t have too much power so it won’t pull my arms that long. If you have ever ridden a 650 ccm MX bike you’ll know what I mean. Of course I’ll need another, more powerful bike when I’m training for races, but at the moment it’s perfect!

” … the power of the start and the race itself is just fascinating.”

Who are the people around you? Who gives you the necessary support? (Who trains you? Who repairs your bike?)

Celine: I have been on a few tracks now and met some really awesome people. They even rode the track side by side with me to make sure I had a good start. To learn techniques, I ride with experienced bikers or participate in trainings some clubs offer. My boyfriend is also a big support when I’m training. He always motivates me to stay fit and is willing to teach me how to ride fast. He’s a very experienced rider and knows how to up your speed because he has years of race track experience. I always prepare my bike as much as possible by myself, but at this point I am lucky to have a sponsor and my boyfriend by my side who can help me anytime!

Riding is your hobby. What is your profession? Is there a connection between your job and your bike passion?

Celine: I’m studying for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. As soon as I finish university, I’m planning to work in the automotive sector. Germany is a pioneer in this sector and I’ll have a lot of interesting opportunities! Cars are fascinating, and I’m looking forward to working in this sector. My hobby is very helpful because I have a good understanding of technical correlations.

Celine started her career in trail sport.

Picture: private

How about injuries? Can you tell us about your worst injuries of your racing career? Describe your way back to strength.

Celine: If you do motorsports and train hard, you’re sometimes covered with bruises, but that’s somehow just part of this sport 😊

During the warm up phase for a show back in 2017, I had an accident and crushed my knee really badly. The anterior cruciate ligament was torn, the meniscus was damaged, and the top of my shinbone was partially fractured. I had to be operated three times and had a long way back to riding. It was really hard, but I kept my goal in mind and today, even if my knee is not like it was before, I can ride with my full strength and I don’t even notice that my knee was injured.

WHEEL SISTERS: What aspects of motorsport do you love the most?

Celine: I love the power of motorsports and how much fun it is. It’s an awesome sport which gives you a feeling of excitement and adrenaline no other sport could ever give.

“But if it’s your passion, never give up on your way to the top!”

WHEEL SISTERS: Who is your motorsport hero or role model?

Celine: I follow the careers of Johnny Walker and Taddy Blazusiak. These top enduro riders also rode trial before they switched to enduro and it’s really awesome how they succeed at the world’s toughest races.

WHEEL SISTERS: Have you experienced any sexism when racing and, if so, how do you deal with it?

Celine: No, and I hope it stays like that! I’ve never seen anything like that in the motorsport scenes.

She is trainig very hard to learn how to handle her bike which is much more bigger and heavier now.

Picture: private

WHEEL SISTERS: What advice would you give girls who want to get into motorsport?

Celine: It’s a tough, hard sport. It needs a lot of discipline and work to succeed. There’s no time to mess around. So if it’s not a passion it’s the wrong sport for you. But if it’s your passion, never give up on your way to the top!

WHEEL SISTERS: What are your sporting goals in the upcoming months or years?

Celine: To start my enduro and mx career. I will start with some local races next year – there are several interesting race series around.

My ultimate goal is to start at the Erzbergrodeo, but I want to ride properly and fast before I sign up for that.

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